What You Can Earn
$10-$20 An Hour?

Want to make a difference in the lives of others and earn some extra money? There are plenty of folks that could use a hand. You could pick up groceries for an elderly woman or for the mom with sick kids. It’s a practical way to help while adding a bit of cushion to your own finances. Customers won’t have any hesitation asking for help, they simply place an order using the My HomeTown Delivery APP. They’ll be happy to pay your delivery fee, and you will feel good knowing you are making a difference in people’s lives.

$30-$50 An Hour?

Optimize your time. Batch trips together and shop for multiple customer orders, this works well in rural areas. Those in rural areas will thank you for making that trip to town and bringing back supplies saving them a trip. Also, many restaurants don’t offer delivery. Create a lunch delivery services for busy offices. If evenings work better for you, you could partner with restaurants to create home delivery options for take-out. Spend less time shopping, more time delivering for higher returns.

$20-$30 An Hour?

This is the average rate that our drivers make. You could be a personal shopper for a few customers and pick up extra items while completing your normal shopping or batch a few customers together for that weekly Costco trip.  You could also connect with AirBnB and VRBO rental owners and offer services for those vacationing in the area. The last thing they want to do is spend time at the local grocery store shopping for supplies. There are all kinds of options for specialty delivery services offerings.


Have a truck and trailer? Build a business delivering more challenging items such as furniture, lumber, building supplies, swing sets, hot tubs and more. In most areas a single hot tub delivery averages $150+. Create a delivery niche for yourself delivering supplies and needed materials to building contractors on job sites. Deliver packages for a business to a nearby town. My HomeTown Delivery APP lets you set your own rates and you can even display a truck badge in your driver profile.

Cash Back | Air Miles | Grocery Store Incentives | Gas Rewards

PLUS, there are other perks as well!  Credit card perks, cash back on purchases, air mile incentives and any other benefits your credit card may offer. Warehouse Stores offer 2% or more back on purchases made with business accounts. Grocery stores often have customer savings incentives and gas rewards. These shopping incentives add up, increase your earnings and save you money.