My HomeTown Delivery APP vs. UBER

Have you thought about becoming an Uber driver? Uber recently came to cities in Montana; Great Falls, Missoula, Butte, Bozeman, Billings, and Helena. Sharing economy APPs and side-gig APPs are becoming an incredibly popular way to earn extra income. My Hometown Delivery APP has also launched in Montana and across America as a way to earn extra money by delivering items. The need for grocery delivery service is growing rapidly right now! We’ll break down some of the great benefits My Hometown Delivery APP offers to drivers and communities with a few comparisons against the ride-share app.

Paid Daily: When you are a My Hometown Delivery APP driver, you get paid same day for each delivery. No waiting for a direct deposit next Thursday. You choose how you want to be paid: cash, check, credit card, PayPal, or Square. The choice is 100% up to you. You can pick what works best for you and your customers. Maybe you deliver groceries for elderly members that you know in your community and checks are ideal for them, or your demographic is young professionals who like to use PayPal. Whatever method you choose, you are paid for each delivery as you make it.

Fewer Rules and Lower Fees: Did you know ride-share APPs take a whopping 25-30% of each fare?  My HomeTown Delivery APP takes a much smaller percentage at only 10% of the delivery fee, so you keep more money in your pocket at the end of every day. Plus, sign-up is easier with My HomeTown Delivery APP, so you can make more money with less hassle.

Delivery Driver Vehicle Requirements: There are no 19-point vehicle inspections like the ride-share APPs require. We figure you are transporting a gallon of milk, not a person, so we do not have restrictions on the vehicle you drive. We do recommend that you keep your vehicle clean, carry coolers or cooler bags and deliver all food items in a timely fashion.

Build your own business, not someone else’s: Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? With My Hometown Delivery, you get to be in business for yourself. Set your own schedule, find your own niche, set your own fees, advertise or offer your own creative promotions. You are your own boss and can create a business that works for you.

Build relationships with your customers and be their preferred delivery driver: Who are your ideal customers? Who are you most excited to work with? With My Hometown Delivery APP, you can build a business in your community with the people you most want to help. Want to help the elderly who struggle with the long drives to the store? Want to help busy professionals with their errands? Or would you prefer to work with customers in the tourist industry?  You choose.

There are many delivery options: Instead of being limited to one kind of work, there are dozens of delivery service opportunities you can create with the My Hometown Delivery APP.

  • Deliver furniture for local businesses.
  • Deliver groceries.
  • Drop off and pick up pets from the groomer.
  • Deliver food for restaurants.
  • You can find a niche that fits your community, your lifestyle and preferences.

Create unique offers for your community: Each community has unique needs and opportunities. You can tailor your offerings to best fit your community. Tap into your knowledge of your area to customize delivery services to add the most value possible.

Works in any city, no matter the size: My Hometown Delivery APP shines even brighter in smaller communities. You can pick up items for multiple customers at once from stores 30 minutes to 2+ hours away. Even in towns under 10,000 people, or even less than 1000 people, there are often 5-10 folks who would love someone to do the long drive into the nearest big town for supplies.

You set your own fees: With My Hometown Delivery APP, you are able to completely customize your fees to suit your business. Set the fees per delivery, per item, per mile, or any combination. You could charge $150 to deliver a hot tub or a $20 flat fee for a trip to Costco. You have total control over your pricing. Where rigid pricing structures make some side-gig APPs irrelevant in smaller areas, My Hometown Delivery provides even more opportunity.


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