There are many reasons people will want to have someone handle their shopping for them. Time savings and convenience are big factors. Another benefit you can offer to your customers as a My Hometown Delivery driver, is one that many people struggle with: Sticking to the list!  You are able to help people get exactly what they need, and nothing more.Here are 3 ways that customers benefit from having someone stick to their list for them. Each customer will have their own priorities that will make the service you offer as a My Hometown Delivery driver a great value.





  1. Diet

We all create a great shopping list, full of healthy food options to make healthy meals. Then we see a fruit tart and it somehow ends up in the cart. There are wonderful cheese samples. Ice cream is on sale! As a My Hometown Delivery driver, you are able to buy exactly what is on the list and nothing more. It won’t matter how good the pumpkin pie looks, or that your customers favorite cookies are prominently displayed on the end cap. Customers can do their meal planning, create a list, and you can stick to that list for them! It’s so much easier to stick to a diet when customers have all the right food in their cupboards and none of the wrong ones. This can be a huge benefit.

If customers have small children at home, all those fights over sugary cereal can be avoided! No one will be begging and whining for unhealthy options. All the right foods just show up at the house–thanks to you!


  1. Budget

Even after the delivery fee, your customers might still save money by having you pick up their shopping for them! No extra items make it into the cart. Stores are set up to encourage impulse buys from alcohol to magazines at checkout. When customers shop hungry, they’re more likely to buy more food than they can use in a week. It is estimated that 50% of produce in America is thrown away. By sticking to the list, you can help your customer keep to a budget.

Even a quick trip to Costco can easily lead to $50 in “extras.” A bottle of Irish Cream (or is it Creme?), fresh flowers, a book and the budget is busted. Hometown Delivery drivers will stick to the list, and help save the budget.


  1. Clutter

Warehouse stores aren’t just selling food. Apparel, household items and electronics abound while we stock up on groceries for the week. Giving your customers the benefit of sticking to the list also means they won’t end up with extra travel mugs, books, throw rugs or serving bowls. When they put staples like milk, cheese and produce on their list, a knife set won’t somehow make it into the cart.

Sticking to the list is a huge benefit to your customers!  They might be trying to buy only the healthy items on their list, stick to a budget or reduce the clutter. As a My Hometown Delivery driver, there are many benefits you can offer individual customers. Time and convenience savings are just the tip of the iceberg.

Just another reason to have a My Hometown Delivery Driver.

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