No Warehouse Membership Needed

Ever have that friend without a membership to a warehouse store who is constantly trying to arrange to shop with you? Or you might only need to shop from the membership store a few times a year.  Maybe there are multiple membership stores in your area, but it is a waste of money to have expensive memberships to each one. My Hometown Delivery APP offers an amazing solution for those who don’t want to pay membership fees to warehouse stores. My Hometown Delivery drivers can pick up all of the customers favorite items from different membership stores without the hassle of the customer being a member.

Here are 3 great benefits that My Hometown Delivery drivers offer by being warehouse members.

  1. No bugging friends and arranging times

My Hometown Delivery customers don’t have to constantly ask friends to do their shopping together. Customers can have fun quality time with friends outside of shopping trips. Trying to arrange times to get together and shop can be a huge hassle. Not only will customers not have to worry about bugging friends and arranging times, but will have so much more free time opened up by not having to deal with the errand running themselves.

  1. Save up to $110 a year per membership

Membership stores can be expensive, especially if customers don’t need to go often. A Hometown Delivery Driver can provide a great value to customers who might only need to buy from the warehouse store half a dozen times a year. For singles and small families, who would love some of the items from the warehouse store but don’t need to go every week, the convenience and savings can be significant. No pricey membership card needed. If a customer only needs to go a few times a year for big family get togethers or to stock up on the staples, having a My Hometown Delivery driver will be a huge advantage and significant savings.

  1. Buy items from multiple warehouse stores

Some areas have 3 different membership stores. It’s great to have choice, but who wants to pay for all those memberships?  What if one store only has a few things that a customer really wants? Does one store have a customer’s favorite pre-made lasagna, another the best cherry pie, and another the freshest selection of meat? A My Hometown Delivery Driver can pick up those favorite items from any warehouse store with out the customer needing a membership with each one. If a customer only needs to go to the warehouse store 2 or 3 times a year, the delivery fees might actually be less than the membership! Plus those items are being delivered without customer having to deal with the long lines, drive time and traffic.

It’s quick, easy and FREE to sign up to become a My Hometown Delivery driver! Download the APP and create a profile today to start delivering value to your community, and earning extra income this week.

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